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web-giff-prenatal_3Dflat.gif PRENATAL PILATES

Rated #1 Pregnancy Exercise Video

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Highly Recommended

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OB/GYN Endorsed   

3 carefully modified workouts for each trimester of pregnancy.  Each 15-20 minutes long making it easy to fit into your routine 3-5 days a week.  The firsttrimester workout targets your core with a traditional Pilates workout.  The second trimester program teaches you how to build an incline with pillows and blankets so that you can take some of the pressure off the Vena Cava (a major artery supplying blood to you and baby) as well as taking some of the emphasis off the rectus muscle that can seperate in pregnancy.  By third trimester all exercises are done sitting, kneeling or standing and focus on back, arm and leg strength; as well as keegaling to initiate movement and support the uterus.

  • Make your pregnancy more comfortable
  • Tone the muscles used for delivery
  • Prepare your body to get back in shape faster after pregnancy

This prenatal exercise program is a welcome addition to the already crowded field of childbirth preparation myths, but one which we believe will be of great use to the countless mothers who will undoubtedly find it a godsend ..."

DRs. Powers and Bergin OB/GYNs


"This DVD (Prenatal Pilates) was a great addtion to my work-out routine. I love to go for a brisk walk and come home and do this DVD. Sometimes I had more energy to "add" an additional set while the instructors were transitioning. While doing the DVD sometimes I thought I wasn't doing much, but by the time I was finished I could feel my muscles were very fatigued. That is the great thing about Pilates! I bought this DVD when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. I gained 18 pounds less with that preganancy than my others. I will be using it again fatihfully now that I am expecting #4!!!" 

Jamie - Virginia

web-gifCopy-of-postnatalDVD.gif Post-natal Pilates

Highly Recommended

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Pediatrician Endorsed

This fun DVD includes your 6 week-6 month old baby into the  20 minute workout. Traditional Pilates exercises have been adapted so that your baby can be there with you.  She goes through developmental stages such as tracking and object permamnence while you get a fantastic workout. There are modifications for moms who have had C-sections or babies who need more support..

  • Tone your arms and legs
  • Flatten your stomach fast
  • Bond with your baby

"I could confidently and enthusiastically recommend it to my new, and experienced, mothers to use to maximize their small and valuable time to get the exercise the body needs and continue to encourage and foster the bonding relationship that mother (and father) and baby need.”

Dr. Collin Cullen



More than Mat Pilates Series

Best Pilates Challenge

Included in top 10 DVDs of the year 

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This progressive Pilates system takes exercises normally reserved for the Pilates machines and modifies them for the mat.  Find out why movie stars swear by the Pilates reformer exercises to get their bodies in shape.  Do the same exercises without paying movie star prices.  Also great for people who already do Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac classes but want to work out while traveling or at home without needing the equipment. Each DVD includes a warm up, a review of the Pilates basics, the main workout (complete with modifications for all the exercises), and the "Cardio Flow"  workout.  "Cardio Flow" is only availbale on Pilates for You DVDs.  Ever get tired of your home DVD workout because you no longer need the prep and slower pace?  Once you have mastered the program, cardio flow takes you more quickly from one exercise into the next without stopping.  It will feel like a well choreographed dance.  Just as Joseph Pilates intended.  Always start with the Beginner level and progress to the most challenging Advanced workout.

"I use your More than Mat workout three times a week and I am hooked! It´s not just an exercise routine, it´s become a way of life for me. I´m stronger, healthier and more aware of my body than I have ever been before. I used to run marathons, but had to stop because of footinjuries, and was feeling down because I couldn´t exercise at all for a while. But then I discovered your routine- and I just want more! "

 Camilla - Denmark

**No exercise program is right for everyone.  Consult your doctor before starting this or any other exercise program.