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Pilates changes how you do - Everything


I'm Sarah Picot, a mom of 2 fantastic teen boys. I have a BA in English with a minor in Drama from the Catholic University of America.  I'm a certified Pilates instructor who brings 25+ years of movement and teaching knowledge to my clients.  I started teaching ballet when I was 19.  Dancing professionally in NYC, I worked for Complexions- A Concept in Dance, American Ballroom Theatre and was a cheerleader for the NY Knicks.  I taught ballet and modern at such renowned schools as Alvin Ailey, Steps and the Washington School of Ballet.  So I bring a great deal of experience in body movement to my Pilates work.

I have been teaching Pilates for over 15 years.  I have taught at gyms, ballet studios, schools, businesses and have worked for professional athletes and sports teams.

I established Picot Pilates in 2001 and began taking clients in my home studio in Arlington, VA.  

I am the creator of the award-winning Pilates for Pregnancy DVD series and the More than Mat DVD Series. Prenatal Pilates was the first of it's kind and based on my book Pilates and Pregnancy.   I co-founded an additional 3 companies with my long time business partner, Margo Sadow- a documentary producer from MD. Together we started Pilates for You DVDs,which is the title company for our 5 Pilates DVDs.  Our 2nd company, Dramatic Applications creates iPhone Applications.  We currently have 7 apps on the iTunes Store.

When I'm not teaching, I'm working on our latest project,  Which gives new moms insider pricing on beauty services in the DC, VA and MD area.


Deep, Intense, Focused.

Many instructors simply guide you through a Pilates workout, I teach you how to do this ingeniuos method correctly.  Learn about your body so you change how you approach - everything. Have your workout fine tuned to meet your weaknesses so that you can overcome them and gain Strength, Flexibility and Combat Injury.


 Power, Flexibility, Longevity.

I specialize in training professional and recreational athletes.  My classes are efficient and effective, geared toward the specific sport and position played while consulting the team's PTs and trainers to adhere to their restrictions and goals. My workouts teach athletes how to improve the rest of their training.  Every strength exercise has stretching built in- but I add even more. Chronic issues are addressed often by correcting postural bad habits and changing how the core is used.


Private Training

Small group training

Group training for Athletes and Teams

Educational Teaching at Schools


4620 24th Street N.  Arlington, VA 22207

Tel: 202-251-5635



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