More Than Mat Pilates- Beginner DVD

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More than Mat Pilates is a unique exercise program created by certified Pilates instructor, Sarah Picot. Sarah takes some of the over 500 exercises, normally reserved for the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Chair and modifies them so that no equipment is necessary.

The Beginner Level is great for newbies and seasoned Pilates practitioners, alike. This level is a great place for anyone to learn this program since the exercises are a new way to approach a Pilates mat workout.

All 3 DVDs in the series include 3 sections. The Warmup is a short workout that includes basic Pilates movements and principles designed to help you properly approach all of the exercises in the main workout. Next, is the Beginner More than Mat Workout. The exercises are guided well and include a modified version to follow if you necessary. Finally, there is Cardio Flow. The downside to exercise videos is that once you have done it for awhile they seem slow and labored with too much talking. This fast-paced version of the Beginner workout takes away most of the talking and requires a strong knowledge of the routine so you can flow from one exercise into the next without stopping.

As with any exercise program, consult your doctor before beginning.

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